1966 VW Bug

66 VW Bug

In 1983, I purchased a faded blue, rust-free 1966 VW Bug for $200. The engine had been dismantled and the various parts stored inside the car on the seats. So much for the interior! My father and I rebuilt the stock 1300cc engine as a 1600cc. Once the engine was running, I did some minor bodywork before having it repainted the original Sea Blue color. The picture to the left shows the bug just days after being repainted.

2-Liter rims

Over the next several years, I made several modifications. I lowered the front end, added front disk brakes and converted it to 4-bolt wheels all around. Then I installed a set of original Porsche 2-liter alloy wheels that I had fully polished. A set of Recaro seats from a early '70's Porsche 911 finished off the interior nicely. The picture to the right shows the rims that I installed. If you look closely, you can also see my Father's white 1965 convertible in the background.

Clean engine

After several years and about 20,000 miles of severe service (Hey, I was a teenager!), the original engine suffered a bearing failure. Chronic overheating was the culprit, due to an aggressive driving style. I had come across a factory-remanufactured 40hp engine, so I paint-detailed it and installed it the Bug.


That engine was still in the car when a Olds Delta 88 crashed into me and totalled the Bug. Ouch! :(


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Last updated: 7/9/98
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