1996 Mid-Atlantic Holiday Bus Fest

On December 14th, Tom Forhan, keeper of the Synchro Westfalia Page, was kind enough to host the second annual holiday Washington DC-area get-together for VW Vanagon/Bus owners and enthusiasts. Several members of the Vanagon and Type2 mailing lists attended, as well as some of Tom's local VW friends.

Tom's Driveway

Tom's Synchro
The streets were crowded that day, so Tom has several of the attendees park in his driveway. Looking above at the picture on the left, the white Bus belongs to Steve Dolan, and the Blue Westy Camper to Sean Bartnik.

Note: Since I didn't write down who drove what, I may need some help with names and vehicles. Please E-mail me with any name/Van info I might need to add. With the driveway filled to capacity, several Vanagons and Busses had to park out on the street, including Tom's Synchro Westy, seen above to the right.

Spittie Cookies

After some exploration of everyone's ride, the party moved inside for some refreshments. Michelle Forhan did a wonderful job putting together the place setting. The highlights of the food had to be the chili that Steve Dolan brought, and the VW Splitte cookies that were baked by Michelle. As the food was consumed, and the beverages flowed, most of us wandered in and out of the house, and among the busses. Several of us took a short, "two-block" long walk to see the Derelict, Tom's 1964 Bus that is being restored. After returning from the short trip, I took pictures of most of the vans as I made rounds with my son.

Sean's camper

Sean Bartnik's Vanagon Westfalia, backing out of the driveway. Nice lights!

Green camper

Green Westfalia backing out, with Tom Forhan directing from the street. Don't hit Tom's Vanagon!!!

Larry's Synchro
Larry Johnson's Synchro Vanagon Westfalia. Larry made the trip all the way from Ontario to Washington, DC for this party!

NJ Bus
This camper came down from New Jersey. It was fully equipped for travel with children (Color TV and Sega)!

White vans
A pair of white VW campers, a Eurovan and Vanagon parked on the street. The Eurovan has a really nice interior setup. The Vanagon had what had to be the beefiest Class III trailer hitch/bumper combo on the rear I have seen yet!

Geen Bus
Yet another very clean green Westfalia, parked on the street in front of Tom's house.

Vanagon Carat Jump seats
Scott Davis, a neighbor of Tom's, brought over his Vanagon Carat. It also has the optional jump seats installed. I need one of those for my camper!!

Propex heater
Tom Forhan's Propex heater, installed and ready to go!

Once again, thanks to Tom and Michelle Forhan for a great time!


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