2001 Mid-Atantic Holiday Bus Fest

Record warm temperatures made this year's Mid-Atantic Holiday Bus Fest one of the most comfortable ever! On Sunday, December 9th, 2001 Tom Forhan and Michelle Moriarty once again opened up their Takoma Park, MD home to a bevy of us Bus and Vanagon lovers.

Note: Click on thumbnails for expanded images!

Pat Horrocks and Toto Pat's Syncro Westy

As usual, Pat Horrocks and and her travelling companion Toto were first to arrive. I'm always impressed out how clean Pat's Syncro Westy is, considering she drives it all over her horse farm, hauling feed, tack and whatnot.

Jamie's Bay Jamie's Loaf
Another repeat attendee was Jamie and his white bay window Bus. Last year, Jamie drove down from Philly. This year, he has relocated to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. He mentioned the relocation had something to do with a job...but I think it had more to do with being closer to the Bust Fest!

If you look closely at the picture on the left, you can see Tom Forhan's house in the background. Look even closer and you can see the Vanagons starting to fill up the top of his driveway! That's my Crew Cab up the street just a little bit.

Rick's Syncro Rick's Syncro
Rick Koller was a little late arriving at the party this year. I'm convinced that this is because he got stuck in front of his house, trying to decide which one of his 4 Vanagons would bring him to the party. Decisions, decisions!

I really like the way the picture on the left came out...it looks like the Syncro conquered the hill!

Kevin's Weekender Kevin's Weekender
Kevin from Frederick, MD came to the party in this clean Weekender with his lovely wife and several of his kids. I can't be any more specific than "several", since they were never still long enough to count them! The Weekender is the perfect cross between camper and people-hauler!

At this point, I gotta admit that I am beginning to suffer from "Alloy Envy". Have you noticed how all the vans I have shown so far have been sporting the factory alloy rims?

Ed's Westy

Ed Lloyd made the long trek from Rockville in his '87 Westy. Super clean vehicle, and an owner dedicated to taking care of it. I think we will be seeing this Van for some years to come!

Ed also took the time to write up a nicely detailed party report , now hosted on the Vanagon list archives. Just click on the highlighted words to read it.

Air-Cooled Westy

This is the second year that this air-cooled Westy has made it to the Bus Fest, and it is also the second year that I managed to forget the names of the owners! What I can tell you is that the cooler inside held one *LARGE* bottle of Champagne! Look real close in the enlarged version of the photo - the bottle is in there. :)

Guys, help me out....what were your names????

Tom's Driveway

Here's a picture at the top of Tom Forhan's driveway. On the left is his '84 9-Passenger and on the far right is his Syncro Westy. The Carat in the middle belongs to one of his neighbors.

Note the size difference! Derek Drew and his latest quest
Live entertainment was a part of the Bus Fest this year, in the form of trying to shoe-horn 16" alloys and off-road tires into the stock wheel well of Tom's 9-Passenger. This quest was brought to the party by Derek Drew, who is still in search of the ultimate wheel and tire combination for Vanagons.

My impression is that this rim/tire combo is perfect for the 2wd Vanagons, provided you travel only in a straight line. Otherwise, some clearancing of the front wheel well and fender lip is in order. Where's that Sawzall?

As the sun started to set, the afternoon grew colder and colder. Before long, it was time for us all to head our separate ways. I had a great time meeting and talking with everyone there, and I hope to see you all again next year. Thanks again to Tom and Michelle for hosting this event!!


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