Vanagon Links

The Vanagon home page
Hosted by Ron Lussier, dedicated Vanagon enthusiast. Excellent Vanagon supplier contact information.

The Vanagon Mailing List Archive
Latest mail generated by the Vanagon mail list. Required reading for the true Vanagon enthusiast!

VW Westy Diesel Home
Martin Jägersand has an excellent site for the diesel Vanagon owner. Look for the picture of my Vanagon's old engine!

The Vanagon List Photo Site
Dave Perry's compilation of Vanagons owned by list members.

VW Bus or Vanagon Service Garages
Karl Bloss hosts this list of VW mechanics. The good, the bad and the ugly are all listed.

Vanagon Pickup Links

Michael Vickey's VW's
A collection of super-clean Double Cab Transporters

Ty Graham's 1986 Syncro Doublecab
Ty also has photos of another Syncro Doublecab from the Coquitlam, BC show.

David Marshall's 1988 Syncro Doublecab
David also has some AVI's of the Syncro in action!

Michael J. Sullivan's '86 Syncro Doublecab "Claude"
Be sure to also visit Michael's other van, "Sunny".

The Volkswagen Crewcab Registry
David McCudden has links to a bunch of Crew Cab Type2 and Vanagon pages.

Type2 (1968-1979) Links

The Type2 home page
Home of the "Busted Bus" library of troubleshooting and repair articles.

The Type 2 Mailing List Archive
Latest mail generated by the Type2 mail list. Similar to Vanagon list, but focuses on 1968-1979 VW Busses.

LiMBO Online
The Late Model Bus Organization is dedicated to 1968 and newer VW busses and their owners.

Vintage Type2 (1949-1967) Links

Thom Fitzpatrick's site dedicated to the preservation of older Busses.

The Vintage Bus Mailing List Archive
Latest mail generated by the Vintage Bus mail list. This list focuses on pre-1967 VW Busses.

General VW Links

The VW Archive.
Great site with classified ads. I bought my Westy using this site!

David's Volkswagen Home Page.
Excellent site - FAQ's, pictures and info on all types of VW's.

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